It’s Diet Season! Which seems to be every week of the year. Everywhere on the internet has the perfect diet to help you lose weight. From keto to paleo to restricting calories, every expert and company seems to have a solution with results and pictures to prove it. Like most topics, you should never trust the information if it comes with a sale pitch.

True results of weight loss come with fat loss. The secret to fat loss is you must eat your way back to the way you wish to look. This sure sounds strange to eat to lose weight or fat but to do it revolves around you eating habits. Your eating habits influence how much fat we have on our body and that fat is what leads you to look for weight loss solutions.

Portion Control Eating Doesn’t Work

Certain self-proclaimed diet experts and companies with detailed plans on this concept will mislead you into thinking you can cut how much food you eat to lose weight. These diets imply “you can eat what you want, just less of it” and the weight will just drop off your body. As many will confirm, these types of diets do nothing but help you lose water weight, which can quickly be regained with a few meals and a few drinks. These diets don’t work, stop wasting your time.

Cut Out the Bad, Only Eat the Good Food Diets Don’t Work

In theory, eating healthy all the time will produce results. In reality, getting rid of your favorite food for foods you think are healthy may not be sustainable. When you cut your favorite foods, you end up bingeing (most likely over bingeing) at a time when you just don’t give a damn. This binge will most likely end your diet, hard work, results and you’ll most likely gain all the weight you lost and then some. One solution is to cut down these foods. This is a physiological trick so you don’t eat more because you know you can’t.

What Works for Losing Weight Or Fat

Make Healthier Choices from Foods You Love

You need to eat a lot of food in reality. Your body needs all the vitamins, essential nutrients, proteins and fats to operate smoothly. Depending on your activity levels, you may need more or less. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite food choices, simply explore the foods you love and some other foods that are similar replacements. You may surprise yourself with what you find.

Restricting the Time You’re Allowed to Eat

Many people have had success in limiting the time they eat throughout the day. If you hold yourself to only eating with-in a 12-hour window, it allows your body to process all the food you eat and figure out what to do with it. If you sleep for 8-hours a day, you can stop eating 2-hours before bed and wait for 2-hours when you wake up before eating. When you get good at this you add an hour before bed and wake time, now placing yourself at a 10-hour window. The shorter the window of eating, the better the results.

Some people try one diet after another in the hope to lose weight. Most weight loss systems will cut sugar, carbs, and sodium to achieve quick weight loss success. However, this will lead you to a plateau once you’ve lost all the water weight. Slowly changing your diet with healthier choices will go a long way to fat loss.

Diet alone is not the most efficient way to lose weight for the long term. Working out with some exercise is a must for long-term results. 97% of all diets fail in the long term. Don’t spend large amounts of money on quick cheap weight loss programs. Opt-in for systems built for long-term results that will last.


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