A pound of fat is 3,500 calories, Don’t Cut!

It’s a mathematical equation that if you cut calories by 3,500 each week you could lose a pound of fat. Unfortunately, cutting calories have been self-absorbed into cutting out your consumption of 3,500 calories each week will result in a loss of a pound, not entirely true. Let’s examine the true “calorie cut” so you can get to the weight you wish.

“To lose fat at a fast rate, you need to create a large caloric deficit in a relatively short period.”

There’s a definite guarantee that we humans will do when we want something that’s difficult to get. We will always take the easy route. At this time, I am supposed to sight examples, but let use your own experiences and continue to the information that interest you. Fair enough? Great!

While taking the easy route in losing weight and subscribing to the 3,500-calorie cutting equation, we came up with the easy route of “I will just cut 3,500 calories from the food I eat and hit my goal weight in no time” High Five! If it was only that easy.

Interesting note: when we don’t eat enough food for our body to perform at the most basic level, your body will begin to store more fat!

Here is another fact: You cannot lose weight fast without quickly creating a massive calorie deficit, and you simply can’t create a massive calorie deficit by not eating because you would be starving yourself.

The only way to really lose weight, is to consume the proper nutrients and vitamins your body requires for the basic functions in life and for the activity you’ll use on a daily basis. Mostly all of us consume more than this amount, or at least the “us” that are fat consume more. So, we first need to optimize our consumption for more nutrients and vitamins. Than burn more energy to the measurement equivalent to 3,500 calories a week for a fat loss of 1 pound.

Cutting Calories equals a 3,500 deficit to lose 1 pound per week

Here is the deficit you need to create to get to the weight you want. Do a hard workout once or twice a week. This hard work out needs to be cardio and something like spinning or rollerblading for 45 minutes is the cardio workout I am trying to place into your mind.

Next, optimize your food intake by order a real protein shake and vitamins with no fillers in them. Fillers are found in all the protein shakes found over the counter. You need something like Herbalife to optimize properly. Work this into a routine for 4 to 6 weeks and feel the magic happen.

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